13run.com is the premier site on the internet today to host your office baseball league. Check out the 3 easy steps below to see how quickly you can get up and running

Step 1 - Create league

Create your league choosing 1 of 4 available league formats. They are 13 run, Crazy 8, 33run or Home Run Derby.

Step 2 - Assign players

Example of 13run, Crazy 8 and 33run player form
Example of Home Run Derby player form

Step 3 - Email link

Step 3 - Distribute the url to your players

After your league is set, simply let your players know the link to visit. There is no need for anyone to create an account except for you, the commish!

Here are a few sample URLs:

Features & Pricing

Commish Benefits

How about no more scanning box scores, creating standings or copying and pasting emails? We do all of the heavy lifting for you! We even have a "restart" button so you can quicky shuffle players up and start it again.

Player Benefits

Players do not need to create an account to participate. The commish simply lets them know what link to visit to check out the latest standings.

Bonus features

We're piping in twitter feeds from Baseball Tonight, MLB Fan Cave and Players from around the league. We're also working on adding a news feed, plus much more!

$ 25 Per season

Free 3 week preview with no obligation to pay.

  • Support the people that support you!
  • Stop and restart your league as often as you like at no addtional cost
  • Automatic emails to your players
  • Printer friendly sheets
  • Daily updates
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